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The Companion Dog Sports Program sanctions obedience trials where handlers and their dogs can earn titles in Novice, Open and Utlility classes.  Teams can earn titles and championships by collecting qualifying scores.

What Makes CDSP Competition Obedience Different?

CDSP is a natural style of competition obedience, based on dog-friendly training methods, where handlers are allowed to talk to and praise their dogs during most of the exercises. Another difference is that you may give the dog a food treat at the end of each exercise.  Visit the webiste at www.companiondogsportsprogram.com for additional information.

CDSP Novice and Open Level Skills Class

Learn about the exercises you and your dog need to perform for the Novice and Open levels of CDSP Obedience. This is a fun 6-week class that is also great to train for.


You will work in the class as an individual and with the group.  Exercises include:  Moving Stand, Recall over a jump, Running Broad Jump, Retrieve on the Flat, Retrieve over the High Jump, Go Out and Sit. 

We will also touch base on the basics of heeling, and review different techniques to start you off on the right foot.


Prerequisites: Your dog should be able to perform basic behaviors such as sit, down adn stay.  Must be able to work around other dogs.

Fee:  $140.00 for non-members / $126.00 for members



Instructor: Penney Baker



Steps on How to Register for a Class Online


NOTE:  There are NO refunds after the start of class.




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