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Kathy has lived with and loved dogs her entire life but never attended a formal training class until 1993 when she adopted a 1 yr old Border Collie X that had many behavior issues. Kathy attended her first class at Tails U Win and quickly became hooked in positive reinforcement training when she saw how well her new dog responded to this form of training. She currently lives with four rescue terriers that have all been trained using positive reinforcement methods. Kathy actively competes in agility and qualified for CPE (Canine Performance Events) agility Nationals two years in a row with her Jack Russell Terrier Jamie. Two of her dogs have earned several C-ATCH (Canine Agility Team Championship) awards. Her proudest moment was receiving her first C-ATCH award with her Hurricane Katrina feral stray Toby who was considered unadoptable due to extreme fear issues before he entered her life. Her belief that training should be fun and enjoyable to both the dog and handler is something she tries to convey in class.

Kathy and her canine companions also enjoy scentwork, barn hunt, competition obedience, go to ground terrier trials and lots of hiking.

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