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Megan was one of those kids who knew far too many facts about animals and often had multiple pets (and patient parents), but didn't get started training and reading about animal behavior until 2004.  Her cat, Bijou, was the first to learn clicker and positive training with her and knows more tricks than the average dog, her favorite being "high five".  Megan has a BS in Microbiology and works in a micro lab during the week.  Her love of science helps her look for the reasons why dogs, and other animals, do the things they do and how best to communicate with them.

Megan started taking classes at Tails-U-Win with her Border Collie, Jude, in 2009.  She learned a lot from working with this too-bossy-for-his-own-good-but-very-sweet boy under owner Leslie Nelson and other instructors.  He went from being unable to hold himself together around other dogs to completing and titling in Canine Freestyle Dance. Both Jude and Megan can't resist learning silly tricks and are hoping to try out Rally Free soon.

In 2010 Megan had the opportunity to start assisting with classes at Tails-U-Win under Nancy Allen and in 2011 took over teaching on Sunday evenings.  2011 also brought another dog to the family, another rescue Border Collie adolescent. Rusty had a rough start in life and has had numerous issues for he and Megan to work through.  Together they are learning agility and having a blast.  

Megan's dogs are first and for most loved family members.  She believes that positive training starting with basic skills can help dogs live happily with their families. Continued training, even just for fun, can enrich the lives of both dogs and people.  Her experience with older rescue dogs helps her see how even the most exuberant and unruly "pup" can become a loved family member. She has soft spot for these busy dogs, herding breed or otherwise.  

Megan also shares her home with a ferret, Unagi.

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