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Millie and her husband have had many Dobermans and several mixed breeds.  Training these dogs needed to be a top priority, in order to maintain a happy and organized home.  Classes at Tails U Win were the best thing to happen.


When she got the opportunity to volunteer at Tails and train with Leslie Nelson, she felt very fortunate and of course took advantage of it.  She feels this has been, without a doubt, a very rewarding experience.  In the past 10 years, she has helped train many dogs and owners.  Millie continues to improve her knowledge and education by attending conferences, seminars and workshops as well as reading and watching everything she can get her hands on.


Millie feels many people give up their dogs prematurely, simply because they do not know how to train them.  So, she is passionate about helping them improve their relationship with their dogs and sharing her knowledge.  Using Positive Reinforcement, learning shouldn’t hurt, it should be fun!  It’s as simple as that.

In her other life, Millie is very active in rescue and volunteers for many charitable organizations.  She and her husband, Bob, share their home with 3 rescued Dobermans.  They also love spending time with their grandsons and at their home in Maine.

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