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Cooperative Care and Voluntary Veterinarian Care

Build cooperation and consent in veterinary care and at home husbandry situations

Does your dog squirm and resist at-home nail trimming? Do they run the other direction when the ear cleaner comes out? Are they unhappy during their yearly vet visit? This class will introduce you and your dog to low-stress husbandry procedures and teach effective cooperative skills so your dog will want to volunteer in their routine care. Some topics to be covered include duration behaviors to aid in stillness and patience, canine physical consent cues, interaction and confidence with common grooming and healthcare tools and mock exams. This class is great for young dogs just learning about husbandry practices and dogs who find handling stressful and worrisome.

Say Yes to the Vet Classes

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Fee: 6 week class - $140 for non-members / $126 for members                           

What to Bring:  Lots of yummy, smelly treats.


Steps on How to Register for a Class Online


OR you can call the Tails office to register: 860-646-5033


NOTE:  There are NO refunds after the start of class.



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