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Staphanie ShaferI have had a love affair with dogs ever since I can remember. Finally at age 19 I got my first dog, an Afghan. I had Alfie for 11 years. He was the first of many wonderful dogs that have touched my heart. I bred a litter of White German Shepherds, one of them going on the New London CT Police Force, the rest to pet homes and the one I kept, "Chaos" was the #1 WGSD in Obedience for 5 straight years.

I then fell in love with German Wirehaired Pointers and that is when Flyball came into our lives. "Badger" learned Flyball at age 1 but had to wait 9 years to actually play. But it was worth every bit of the wait. In the mean time I gave seminars through out New England and got many dogs and handlers ready for 1998 when Flyball finally came to the North East.

Stephanie ShaferI have now trained my 5th Flyball dog and competing with 3 at the present time:  Matty a Brittany,  Buyer a GWP and Kylee a Border Collie.

I also teach Competition Obedience & Agility along with Flyball. My dogs and I have competed in Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Hunting, Frisbee and Flyball.

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