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Lorna GodsilLorna's dream since she was a little girl was to work with animals. She took her neighbor's dog to obedience classes and thought that was wonderful. It wasn't until many years later that she bought her first dog. Lorna said she did it the wrong way and for the wrong reasons but learned so much from her first Weimaraner, Rosie. Because she was so smart and so bad Lorna had a 13 year relationship with training using a wide variety of techniques. It wasn’t until she came to Tails with positive training techniques that the relationship grew and allowed them to achieve the titles but especially the fun of working together. Rosie earned her UD, JH, NSD, NRD and V titles.

Lorna has been training and raising Weimaraners since 1984. She is working with CD and her daughter Georgia, both conformation champions, in Agility, Obedience, Rally, Retrieving and Field events. CD is one point away from her Versatility Excellent level 2 title and Georgia has just earned her Versatility Excellent title.

Lorna GodsilLorna started instructing at Tails after 36 years of teaching Art in the middle school. She teaches and helps with the Family Dog classes and has taken just about every class offered at Tails. She looks forward to starting a new puppy in the very near future.

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