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Are you preparing for your dog's AKC Trick Dog titles? Or do you want your dog to be the center of attention at your next family event or the up coming holidays party? Showing off all the fun tricks they know.  You will have your dog jumping through hoops, spinning and twisting around, and even doing fancy tricks on your back and feet.  Come join the fun with our trick training class that features Klimbs, multi-purpose platforms that can enhance your trick training experience. The curriculum will allow you to advance nicely through your AKC Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Trick Dog titles, and will also prepare you for the Performer title. It is also great just to hae fun with your dog! Prerequisite: Family Dog I/Puppy Kindergarten.


Gettin' Tricky with Ricky (featuring Klimbs)


 This class will be held, initially for beginners, and each group will be offered a continuation option to advance their trick training skills. There is a class size requirement.



Instructor:  Ricky Jones

Fee:  $140 for 6 weeks 

See the schedule below. Drop-ins are welcome on Thursdays @ 11:30 AM.


NOTE:  There are NO refunds after the start of class.


Getting Tricky with Ricky (featuring Klimbs)


Getting Tricky with Ricky (featuring Klimbs)


DROP-INS are welcome on Thursdays @ 11:30 AM

Only $25.



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